Course Content
Module 1: The Basics
This module will introduce you to the world of trading, where you'll learn about the nuances of fixed and variable income markets, understand the strategic role of a trader, and explore the diverse types of trades and assets available in various markets. Get ready to unlock the secrets of successful trading!
Module 2: How to Start Trading
In module 2, you'll delve into the essentials of starting in the financial markets. We'll guide you through the various trading platforms, introducing their functionalities and the most common trading tools used by professionals. You'll also learn to distinguish between different brokers and gain insights on how to choose the right broker for your trading journey. This module is your key to confidently navigating the world of trading platforms and brokers.
Module 3: Understanding the Markets
Module 3 is all about deepening your understanding of the markets. You will explore the intricacies of price types, the significance of pips and pipettes, and the various types of orders that can be placed in trading. We'll also demystify the concept of leverage and how it can impact your trades. Additionally, you'll learn about the importance of candles and timeframes in market analysis. This is the foundational knowledge needed to interpret and navigate the markets effectively.
Module 4: Risk Management and Money Operations
This module emphasizes on the importance of understanding and managing risk in trading, choosing the right broker, and being aware of tax implications. By following these guidelines, traders can build a solid foundation for long-term success in the markets.
Module 5: Fundamental Analysis
Module 5 focuses on a comprehensive overview of fundamental analysis, covering both macro and microeconomic factors that influence market conditions. Understanding and utilizing these analyses, along with leveraging the economic calendar, can help traders make informed decisions and better manage their trading strategies.
Module 6.1: Technical Analysis Part 1
Module 6.1 emphasizes on the importance of understanding market trends and utilizing technical analysis to enhance trading strategies. By mastering concepts like support and resistance, trend lines, and channels, traders can make more informed decisions and improve their chances of success in the markets.
Module 6.2: Technical Analysis Part 2
Module 6.2 delves deeper into technical analysis, focusing on advanced concepts like pivots, candlestick patterns, chart patterns, moving averages, Fibonacci retracements, and RSI. By mastering these tools, traders can enhance their ability to predict market movements and make informed trading decisions.
Module 7: The Habit of Trading
This module delves into the essential aspects of developing and adhering to a trading plan. A trading plan is a set of rules designed to guide traders in their decision-making process in the markets, ensuring consistency and reducing the influence of emotions and random decisions. This module provides a step-by-step approach to creating a robust trading plan that can be systematically applied to achieve better trading results.
Module 8: Strategies
Module 8 provides practical trading strategies for beginners, emphasizing technical analysis, swing trading, DAX-specific strategies, and long-term position trading. By following these strategies and maintaining disciplined risk management, traders can build a solid foundation for successful trading and investing.
Final Assessment
Master The Art of Trading